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Since we’ve started this, many of you ask me about the name and story behind it.

So, let us introduce you to Clio, the daughter of Zeus and prime mover of the development of liberal and fine arts in Ancient Greece.

Clio was one of the nine muses of ancient Greek Mythology. She was the muse of history, but also of storytelling, meaning that she was responsible for preserving memory and all the knowledge that comes from discoveries and investigations of the past. 


Clio, Muse of History by Charles Meynier - 5 images - Art Renewal Center

She often held scrolls and stone tablets to pass on her stories, and also liked to use trumpets or lyres for that purpose. She kept an hourglass with her at all times, because she wanted to keep time in line and tell her stories in chronological order.

India, the vibrant land with a rich tradition, is well-known for its wonderful art form. The nation’s art and craft are as fascinating and vast as its history. Some people believe that the incredibleness of art is underappreciated. It is not that people in India are not enthusiastic in creativity or art forms; rather, it might be argued that these areas have not been explored as strategically as they should have been.


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