Pattachitra Painted Coconut Shell


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This beautiful artistic hand-crafted, multi-colored Lord Jagannath pattachitra painted on coconut shell.

Colour: Natural-Multi colors (as shown in picture above)

Material: Coconut
Care: Wipe it with a dry cloth, avoid water
Usage: Hang it on the door or office wall for ethnic touch. Also, a unique gift to give someone

Bring home the beauty, grace, and blessings of Lord Jagannath from Odisha.


This beautiful artistic hand-crafted, multi-colored Lord Jagannath pattachitra painted on coconut shell.

The Making of Pattachitra
The painting is done on specially stiffened seven layers of cloth which are cut into discs. The piece of cloth known as Patta or a dried palm leaf is first painted with chalk and gum.

Painting on Coconut Shells and Betels ‎
Coconut shell painting is a fascinating craft and also people use it for worship. This is a unique type of art of the artists. Instead of wasting the coconut shell, they are re-utilized by making artistic crafts like hanging painted coconut. Coconut shell painting is used in shops and homes to protect from the evil eye.
Coconut shell painting involves the Gods and Goddesses of Odisha namely Lord Jagannatha (a form of Krishna), Lord Balabhadra, and Maa Subhadra.

Global Initiative ‎
These unique paintings, especially the playing cards, are on display in museums across the world. ‎
An Indian Artist Saptarshi Dey created a tribute to a few international film posters in the Pattachitra style. Right from The Harry Potter to the Titanic and The Avatars, the film posters are an amalgamation of history and modern films.
In the 1940s an American Lady Ms. Helena Zealy held Pattachitra exhibitions in America and invited connoisseurs of art to examine these mystical and unique paintings. She internationalized Pattachitra and opened new doors for the art form across the seven seas.

Government to the Rescue
In 1998, INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) took matters into their hands and after two years of research and documentation, they declared Raghurajpur as a ‘Heritage Village’ in 2000.

Another Reason to Buy
The main reason to buy these artworks is not just their traditional or historical importance. Buying such masterpieces will not only add a great décor to your living room but also fills their pockets. Speaking of environmental benefits, the products are completely organic, so they do not pose any threats to the environment.
The raw materials and art pieces are completely ‘Made in India’ products. This way, the wealth stays in India. It is an appreciation for the artists who work on even such low wages just in the attempt of keeping the legacy alive. If you like to buy such traditional pieces, make sure to visit our Clio’s Heritage Store, which is our attempt at helping to preserve this valuable art.

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Weight 275 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × 5 cm

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